We're proud partners of the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association!

     We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association and Boatworks, the Midwest’s premiere rowing and sailing services company. Beginning in Spring 2019, Boatworks will be providing support to MSRA by donating a percentage of revenue generated by MSRA-member organizations. These funds will help support the regattas hosted each year by MSRA at Lake Dillon.

Furthermore, beginning in 2020, our sponsorship of MSRA includes the following exclusive deals for member-teams:

  • 5% Discount on all repair, repainting, and service work for MSRA teams.

    • This applies to all standard refurb / repainting packages, custom-quoted repair work on shells, oar repainting, and custom-quoted repair work to coaching launches.

    • This stacks on our "Fill the Trailer" promotion for MSRA Champs! Schedule a pickup at MSRA Champs to maximize your discount; if we fill the trailer, every project onboard gets a 20% total discount!

    • Standard shell repainting / refurb rates can be found here or in the attachments.

    • Pickup from your boathouse is available, as well as pickup at regattas.

  • $500 credit towards Whitcat options, accessories, trailers, or customization.

    • Looking to get a new launch? Receive a $500 credit towards any options, accessories, trailer, or customization with the purchase of a new Whitcat.

    • This credit can be applied towards upgrading a Whitcat to a Whitcat XL (extended deck).

    • Interested in a demo of the Whitcat? Reply to this email, and we'll arrange a time to bring a demo unit to your venue!

     At Boatworks, our mission is to provide grassroots support of the sports of rowing and sailing, and we could not possibly think of a better place to start than by partnering with one of he organizations that powers high school rowing for so many athletes. We aim to empower your program by making sure that you have the right equipment for the right athletes, and ensuring that the equipment you have lasts as long as it should. Our services include:

·Whitcat Coaching Launches

· Repair & Restoration (all manufacturers)

· Fleet Management Plans

     We are excited by the opportunity to serve the Midwest scholastic rowing community, and to do our part to contribute to the growth of our amazing sport. Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can help your program in any way!


          See you on the water,


               The Boatworks Team